• Match Miracle 3D
    Match 3 puzzle game

    offering the best match 3 games, is a fun-filled and addictive 3d puzzle game that will keep you entertained for hours! Get ready to use your logic and matching skills to solve challenging levels and become the ultimate match master! In this triple-match 3D game, you'll be matching objects on the ground and clearing them to get to the next level. As you progress through each puzzle level, endless new objects will be unlocked. This fun and relaxing time-killing puzzle game will not only improve your pattern-solving ability but is also easy to play!

  • Solitaire Crypto War
    Tournament P2E game based on ME2ON Group's Solitaire IP

    "Solitaire Crypto War" is a WEB3 game combined with blockchain technology and was developed based on ME2ON Group's Solitaire IP, which recorded more than 130 million global downloads. Skill-based PvP matching system allows you to compete for clear-time records and rewards. Users can easily connect crypto wallet using “Face Wallet” and enjoy challenging other users to win rewards using various cryptocurrencies.

  • X Heroes: NFT War
    Collective Turn-Based Strategy RPG-P2E Game

    X Heroes: NFT War is a P2E game using the IP of Gravity Neocyon, the developer of the worldwide box office hit Ragnarok Series. Earn MEVerse Play Tokens(MPL) through gameplay! You can trade on the market by publishing collected heroes as NFTs.

    Pocket Battles: NFT War is the best casual strategy battle game in the world.

    Pocket Battles: NFT War is the best casual strategy battle game in the world. You can play free and can get rewards every day! Collect powerful NFT Heroes, merge and combine soldiers to create your own army and defeat other players. Prove your game skills and win special rewards in Pocket Championships, special league only for NFT Hero holders.

    Asia's No.1 Social Casino

    Full House Casino is one of the most advanced mobile social casino which has a great selection of table games and slot games on a single platform! A comprehensive set of bonus games embedded behind slot games with great promotions and differentiated services! We invite you to Asia's top mobile entertaining cultural content. Join the world of Social Casino, where you can enjoy various type of games.

    Asia's No.1 Mobile Texas Holdem Poker

    Fulpot Poker provides a great environment of brain battle and psychological warfare through the authentic tournament system to all global users! Realization of Texas Holdem Poker played in Las Vegas into a mobile game! Experience the strategic and thrilling traditional poker games in Fulpot Poker with dozens of new features and a massive upgrade in functionality and wonderful design.

    No. 1 ranking Classic Slot Machine Game in North America

    No. 1 ranking Classic Slot Machine Game in North America, Appearance of a traditional slot machine with a 1x3 layout Come join us on a trip to Las Vegas and test your luck on classic slot games for free! Using the free chips that are issued everyday, you can enjoy our classic slot games with users from worldwide!

    Video Slots with high quality graphics and audios along with variety of betting options.

    Video Slots with high quality graphics and audios along with variety of betting options. Mobile slot machine game that offers the ultimate casino experiences with its multiple reels, high quality graphics and selection of betting options! Don’t lose this chance to win a multitude of rewards!

    New type of multi-stage casual card game

    New type of multi-stage casual card game applying travel concept with enhanced social features. 10 million downloads achieved within launch! Train your brain by enjoying “Tripeaks Journey” a casual card game with exciting features, where you can explore the mysteries of the Deep Sea and Secret Forest. Overcome dangerous situations by using wild cards and game boosters.

    New type of multi-stage casual card game

    The sequel card game to Tripeaks Journey, designed with farming concept and multiple game stages while providing enhanced social features. Have fun while allowing your brain to have a good workout, by trying out variety of puzzles in Tripeaks Farm Adventure!

    Classic casual card game

    Classic casual card game with over 35 million global subscribers! GHOST STUDIO’s Solitaire, the mobile version of the computer card game FreeCell, has over 30 million subscribers worldwide. Solitaire, a card puzzle game with players having to sort through the cards from Ace to King, effectively trains the brain as players go through the process of recalling their memories while playing the game.